Misty Roses

"We’re a transatlantic duo – Jonny Perl and myself – who make glamorous, spooky music. We’re influenced by non-rock popular music from the latter half of the twentieth century, such as soundtracks, exotica and dub, and ‘middle-of-the-road mavericks’ like Scott Walker and Serge Gainsbourg."
An excerpt from Bizarre Magazine's interview with Robert Conroy (of Misty Roses):

Misty Roses - Villainess
taken from "Villainess" album (Frog Man Jake, 2009)

Misty Roses - Fantastic Voyage (David Bowie cover)
taken from the live sessions on Irene Trudel's WFMU radio show, 26 October 2009. Robert Conroy performed a cover of David Bowie's 'Fantastic Voyage,' with his friend Greg Fasolino (of Bell Hollow) on 12-string guitar, they were both in the band Burning Rome back in '86.

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Misty Roses: Wichita Linemen from the Black Lagoon, on Dangerous Minds

A dark, cinematic, transatlantic pop combo, Misty Roses are Jonny Perl (from London, instruments/programming) and Robert Conroy (from New York, voices/words). Misty Roses' new 7″ vinyl, double A-side 'Puce Woman (for Kenneth Anger)' / 'Queen Cobra (for Jack Smith)' is out now via UK label, Exotic Pylon Records.

With a nod to the musical past, Misty Roses takes pop melodrama to modern heights. Their combination of electronic textures overlaid with a cinematic sense of musical storytelling reminds you somewhat of 60's icons like The Zombies and The Association.   -Irene Trudel  (via FMA)


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