Karen Dalton 1966

Little Bit of Rain - Karen Dalton and Fred Neil
from 1969 album "It's So Hard to Tell Who's Going to Love You the Best"

Delmore Recordings is incredibly proud to announce the February 2012 release of Karen Dalton - 1966 -- newly unearthed reel- ... more to-reel recordings made of the elusive songstress rehearsing with her estranged husband Richard Tucker, it was documented by Carl Baron who brought a tape recorder to their Colorado cabin.

Track List
01. Reason To Believe
02. Katie Cruel
03. Cotton Eyed Joe
04. Green Rocky Road
05. Don't Make Promises
06. Other Side To This Life
07. God Bless The Child
08. Little Bit Of Rain
09. While You're On Your Way
10. 2:19 Train
11. Misery Blues
12. Mole In The Ground
13. Shiloh Town
14. Hallelujah

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