History Grows: New K. Record

Photo by Kate Milford

Sweet Dreams Pressから日本先行でリリースされますヨ。詳細はコチラで。

Karla Schickele's band K. will release a new full-length album "History Grows" which was recorded by Warren Defever (of His Name Is Alive) at the Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY, and a couple of tracks was mixed by Tara Jane O'Neil. The musicians on the album are.... her fellow musicians including Daniel Littleton and Elizabeth Mitchell of Ida, Ruth Keating and Matt Sutton of The Malarkies, and Rose Thomson (formerly of Babe the Blue Ox). Out on December 15th via Sweet Dreams Press, Tokyo. US release date TBD.

K. was founded by Karla Schickele, the bassist/singer/songwriter of the bands Ida and Beekeeper. She is also known as an executive director of Brooklyn's Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.

k. (Karla Schickele) - Stevie by Sweet Dreams Press

'Stevie' is the first track on "History Grows," the album includes six more all-new, original songs, and covers of 'Baker Street' (Gerry Rafferty), 'For Me' (Julie Doiron), 'Passionate Kisses' (Lucinda Williams) and a few secret mystery covers.

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