The Underappreciated Kinderklavier

photo of toy piano by Allison Felus [license]

Jon Coyle - Friends In A Circle

'Friend In A Circle' is taken from the album "Woods" (2009) by John Coyle (of Son Step) hailing from Philadelphia.  "Woods" features all acoustic instruments (melodica, thumb piano, toy piano, guitar, percussion, accordion, and various other things), a laptop, and one microphone. His new solo material will be on the way in early 2011.

katya-oddio: The Underappreciated Kinderklavier (via FMA / Oddio Overplay)

The toy piano is historically more than just a plaything. Quality toy pianos stay in tune, because they do not employ strings. Toy pianos offer a unique timbre unlike a piano and more like a celesta or a member of the harpsichord family. It is this unusual sound has been the key appeal to a small number of composers and performers through the centuries.

PLAY :: Pascal Ayerbe's antique French Michelsonne toy piano to play online.

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