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“Rock and roll remains one of the last honorable callings,
and a working band is a miracle of everyday life.”
—Thomas Pynchon

Political provocateurs. Social agitators. Punk’s reigning contrarians. The Mekons have been called all this and more. Formed in the tumultuous wake of the Sex Pistols by a co-ed group of radical art students from Leeds, England, the Mekons are the only Year Zero British punk band to survive with its core members intact. Left for dead by the mid-’80s, the band re-emerged as rabble-rousing progeny of Hank Williams, a development that inspired journalists to coin the term alt country. Since then, reinvention has been the group’s modus operandi. Over the course of a 31-year (and counting) career, the Mekons have redefined the meaning of a band: Its members are prolific artists who have created — collectively, individually or in collaboration with others — paintings, sculptures, theater pieces, even a group novel. As such, the Mekons function as a loose-knit art collective.

Visit the website and check out the Facebook page.
For more info on Angio’s Mekons movie campaign at Kickstarter.com >>here!

Revenge of the Mekons documentary film (early trailer)
Directed by Joe Angio

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