Taste Of Savage: His Pupils Sing His Music

01 Calvin Love - Chin Chin by ArbutusRecords

"Sean Nicholas Savage is a magnetic character. As an integral part of the upcoming Montreal music scene, and an inspiration to many, several artists eagerly accepted the challenge to cover his songs; in celebration of his past work, but also for the promise of what’s still to come.
17 of Savage’s songs – ranging from anthems to obscure gems – are anthologized on this release. As the first act ever to release on Arbutus, a community has developed surrounding Savage, his songwriting, charisma and his social philosophies. 

It is a true honour to present such a mix of genre and creative thought – and this is what’s captivating about the compilation. A group of artists brought together not by genre but by circumstance: a shared home, one which Savage represents as a primary character in the Canadian music scene." -- Arbutus Records

06 Eola - Someone's Got A Secret by ArbutusRecords

02 Mac DeMarco - Bye Bye Bye by ArbutusRecords

the song is taken from "Flamingo"

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