Lilys – Well Traveled Is Protest

'Well Traveled Is Protest,' taken from the split 7" with New Jersey natives Big Troubles on Charlottesville-based label Speakertree, is the first recorded song by Kurt Heasley's Lilys in over six years. 
Available soon on November 13th. Pre-order, HERE.

"Today, the intellectual and musical chameleon Heasley is joined by classic beat maker Aaron Sperske, perpetual romantic and social protagonist Torben Pastore and the authentically laid back Dan Horne, who completes the group. They are currently in the studio working on a new record."

Lilys - Well Traveled Is Protest by speakertree records

Lilys - Everything Wrong Is Imaginary
Trailer for the as-yet-uncompleted/unreleased Lilys documentary.

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An Interview on WFMU's Beware Blog (2011)
(photo by Noah Greenberg)

Michael Suter

Lilys - Can't Make Your Life Better Spaceland Los Angeles 2008 Lilys featuring Kurt Heasley, Aaron Sperske, Ariel Pink, Dan Horne, Jimi Hey and Kenny Keys delight the good people of Spaceland in 2008.

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