Carletta Sue Kay "Incongruent"

"I love Carletta’s singing. She has an androgyny similar to Nina Simone... but without the bitterness.” —Stephin Merritt of Magnetic Fields

“Carletta’s lilting bombast, set precipitously and wobbling on the fence between a field of eggshells and a river of knives, would make whimpering birds of the snarling plenties, if they had ears to hear.” —Tim Cohen, The Fresh and Onlys 

“Heart, Soul and Talent, on the grandest levels. I love Carletta Sue Kay” —Christopher Owens, Girls

Carletta Sue Kay – Pas Le Meme

Carletta Sue Kay, a.k.a. San Francisco's beloved singer-songwriter, a former Amoeba Records store employee Randy Walker, is finally set to release the long-awaited debut full-length "Incongruent" on May 15th via Kitten Charmer Records. Now available on iTunes.

Over the last two years Carletta Sue Kay has been thrilled to share bills with the likes of Kurt Vile, Ariel Pink’s Haunt- ed Graffiti, Girls, The Fresh & Onlys and Kelley Stoltz. After a successful tour of Europe and SXSW 2012, Walker can be heard on The Magnetic Field’s newest record “Love at the Bottom of the Sea” and on an up-coming new project by Sonny Smith of Sonny and The Sunsets.

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