Ruth Garbus / Chris Weisman "like water slapping a hulk" (Robert Desnos)

"like water slapping a hulk" (Robert Desnos)

taken from Ruth Garbus 'Joule' 7" EP (OSR#27, releases November 2014)

taken from Chris Weismen "Monet In The 90's" 12" LP (OSR#24, releases 17 November 2014)
recorded 2009 in Brattleboro, VT / mastered by Kramer

both releases are available via OSR, HERE.

Music On A Tape: Songs by Chris Weisman (OSR18, releases 10 November 2014)
all songs are covers of songs by New Hampshire-born , Brattleboro Vermont songwriter , recordist & guitar teacher Chris Weisman
a compilation of 39 tracks covering Chris Wiseman's songs on CASSETTE! 

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