75 Dollar Bill "olives in the ears"

"Rick Brown (V-Effect , Run On and more) was born in San Francisco, CA and is a clerical worker at a law school in NYC. Che Chen (True Primes) was born in New Haven, CT and works for a cancer diagnostics company in Stonybrook, NY. They met via myspace and started playing together as 75 Dollar Bill approximately eight years later. Brown plays percussion and homemade horns and Chen plays electric guitar."

ヨ・ラ・テンゴ、トータスにも縁あるNY DOWN TOWN / エクスペリメンタル・ミュージックのベテラン、リック・ブラウン(Fish & Roses, Les Batteries, Peach Cobbler, Run On, Timber, V-Effect)が、myspaceを通じて出会ったNYのマルチ・インストゥルメンタリスト、2年前には来日してAsunaと共演もしているチェ・チェン(one half of True Primes)とのプロジェクト。アラビックなキャプテン・ビーフハートと聴こえてくるようなオモシロさも。

released 17 June 2014
Rick Brown: percussion and cardboard tubes on "C.T.F.M.T."
Che Chen: electric guitar and cardboard tubes on "C.T.F.M.T."
guest musicians:
Sue Garner: vocal and maraca on "Yes We Can Can"
Andrew Lafkas: contrabass on "WZN#3"
Karen Waltuch: viola on "WZN#3"
"WZN#3" recorded live at Troost cafe, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. 2/8/14
"Yes We Can Can" recorded live at Troost cafe, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. 11/9/13

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