Trish's Toys & Techniques Birthday Tape

Ben Graves (Toys And Techniques) has put together an incredible mix as a tribute to Trish Keenan (September 28, 1968 - January 14, 2011) of Broadcast, to remember her birthday. (via)

Warli Paintings – Ragunath Seth
Da Consumarsi Con Grazia – F:A.R.
Please Don't Keep Me Waiting – Madalyn Merkey
The Aqueducts of Channel Island – Monopoly Child Star Searchers
Space Face – Eric Vann
El Suplicio – Benedetto Ghiglia
Khandhar – Bhaskar Chandavarkar
Meanwhile Back At The Tulip Boat, Stinky And Gus Make Warplanes/Your Living Constitution (Dies) – Le Forte Four
IV 18:54 – Rene Hell
Robert Nelson’s Bleu Shut – Blue Crumb Truck
Aladdin’s Magic Lamp – Father Sound
Pai Khlong - phunsi charoenphong & the saman kanchanaphalin band
I Passion You A Leap Of Love-Flame – Iasos
Kosmiskt intermezzo – Bjorn Vikhoff
Locomotion – Don Fraser & Steeleye Span
Anmari Fukasugite – Melting Glass Box
Equinox: A Journey into the Supernatural
Music of the Spheres – Steve Birchall
Gran Bolita (film leader)
River Movement – J.D. Emmanuel
Shulie (end titles) – Le Deuce
Fossilized Whispers – Spiderwebs
Derelictdolhouse - Sleep ∞ Over

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