Kindness aka Adam Bainbridge

photograph: Ellen Rogers (via)

Kindness - Cyan
taken from 2011's “Cyan” 12″ via Chris Taylor's Terrible Records (US), Female Energy/Polydor (UK)

Kindness - Swinging Party (The Replacements cover)
taken from 2009's debut single (b/w Gee Up) via Moshi Moshi (Sold Out)

Kindness, a one-man disco-funk project comprised of Adam Bainbridge who divides his time between London, England, and Berlin, Germany, will release his debut full-length "World, You Need A Change Of Mind," it was recorded and mixed with Phoenix producer Phillipe Zdar at his studio in Paris. He cites influences that include American disco icons Arthur Russell, Larry Levan, and Leroy Burgess. 

"World, You Need a Change of Mind" is due out on March 19th via Polydor-imprint Female Energy (UK) / on March 23rd via Modular (AUS), on May 8th via Casablanca/Terrible.
Pre-order through iTunes, HERE.

Track List: 01 SEOD / 02 Swingin Party / 03 Anyone Can Fall In Love / 04 Gee Wiz / 05 Gee Up / 06 House / 07 That’s Alright / 08 Cyan / 09 Bombastic / 10 Doigsong

Kindness - Gee Up (Directed by Jack Jam City)

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