Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica "Third River Rangoon"

"Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica, the world’s only ensemble dedicated to original third-stream exotica and the space-age pop music of Juan Garcia Esquivel, releases Third River Rangoon, its debut small-group recording, on May 31, 2011. This unique collection of works was recorded live at Futura Productions in Roslindale, MA, and was produced by exotica music authority Brother Cleve (Del Fuegos, Combustible Edison, Jetset DJ) and Mr. Ho."

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Autumn Digging Dance - original exotica music from Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica
Inspired by the Bulgarian kopanitsa rhythm and sounds from the east, this is an original composition off of the groups May 2011 album, Third River Rangoon. Recorded live at the YMCA Theatre in Cambridge, MA in January 2011. Brian O'Neill (vibes, riq, multi-percussionist, artistic director) , Noriko Terada (perc), Jason Davis (bass), and Geni Skendo (bass flute) with special guest Tev Stevig (oud).


Dancing in the Dark performed by Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica
Written by Arthur Schwartz. Transcribed by Mr. Ho and recorded live, August 2010 in the recording studio for the making of a Juan Garcia Esquivel tribute record. The audio is from the board (unmixed). This track and many others was released on "The Unforgettable Sounds of Esquivel".

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