Songs In The Key Of Bob - Under The Influence Of Guided By Voices

This limited pressing 7" compilation "Songs In The Key Of Bob - Under The Influence Of Guided By Voices" is the first release from Hibernator Gigs, a record label, a video production outfit out of Charlottesville, VA. It features seven original songs written and recorded in the style of Guided By Voices, including The Invisible Hand, Moore Brothers. Artwork by Thomas Dean. Out on April 30th.

"The origin of the comp began in a dusty library warehouse sometime in 2011. Adam Brock (The Invisible Hand), who happens to be a member of several of the bands featured on the comp, was employed in said warehouse sorting books. To stave off boredom he began to imagine the elaborate titles of the theses and journals he came across as though they were the titles of some lost classics by his low fi heroes, Guided By Voices. He made a list of his favorite titles, such gems as Cream of the Jesters and Viet Cong Motivation, and sent the list out to some of his favorite bands. The rules were simple: find a title that inspires you and write a GBV inspired song, no longer than two minutes, then record it using a four or eight track cassette recorder, in order to truly capture the GBV aesthetic." --Hibernator Gigs Records

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